As a certified Mindfulness coach, I help individuals and groups bring mindfulness practice into their daily life using the comprehensive, secular framework and approach of Unified Mindfulness system.

Unified Mindfulness (UM) is a secular system of meditation that unifies the best practices from contemplative traditions around the world into a comprehensive, evidence-based, and versatile program that allows you to fully optimize your mindfulness journey.

Created through more than 50 years of study and research, UM is aimed at “Expanding the reach of mindfulness throughout the world by providing an educational framework and a comprehensive approach for both mindfulness students and teachers.” based upon the work of meditation teacher and neuroscience research consultant Shinzen Young, who has collaborated with institutions such as Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon.

The UM system offers a robust and precise approach for students, both new and experienced, to improve the quality of their lives and their overall happiness through meditation. Students who learn the UM approach know how to:

  • Disentangle from stressful thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations
  • Relax the body in the midst of daily life
  • Deepen positive states such as joy and appreciation
  • Meditate in the midst of daily life – while exercising or during a meeting
  • Choose from a range of specific techniques to apply to any life situation

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