Abhi Dilli Thodi Door Hai…

I have been born and brought up in Delhi and have been happily staying in Hyderabad with my family for the past 15 years since I got married. I had in one of my earliest blogs (link-https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/a-memory-here-an-emotion-there/article/we-never-really-leave-home) mentioned about my yearly trips to Delhi during the summer vacations.

More than me now, it’s our kids who really look forward to almost one full month of pampering, no sticking to the routine and unlimited masti with cousins during the summer break.

Due to the current national lockdown, we will not be travelling to Delhi this year. I am sure, there are many like us who are in the same boat. Forget Delhi, we have actually not stepped out of our apartment for almost a month now. I was talking to my mother this morning who was feeling emotional about not being able to see the kids this summer. She was also hopeful and said “Don’t cancel your return tickets now. If situation improves come at least for a week in May”. I told her in a jovial way “Aap apne ghar ka bartan jhaddo pocha karo, humein apne ghar ka karne do 🙂 ” (You do your household chores and let us do ours here 🙂

While there was an initial adjustment phase for the entire family with no outside support in the form of maids, cook, pressure of work from home etc., looking at the positive side, this has truly made each one of us responsible in more ways  than one :

  • We have become more mindful of our actions and their impact on everything around us. For instance, we now cook exactly how much we will be able to consume so that there is no wastage. We realise that there are people around us who are struggling to get even two meals per day on their plate.
  • We are learning to manage with what is available. Thankfully there is a supermarket in our gated community and we have learnt to be happy with the choices available to us.
  • We celebrated the nine days of Chaitra Navratri in March. Unlike every year, there were no flowers to offer to the Goddess, no neighbourhood girls for Kanjak on Ashtmi Day. We just focused on Pooja this year. Even minimalism can be satisfying, if we want.
  • When the lockdown was announced, I wanted to check on a couple of friends whom I have not been in touch for a long time. Even some relations where there was a reluctance on either side, I just wanted to call them and make sure they were doing fine. This feeling itself was a good sign for me to make a fresh start. And trust me they all reciprocated with the same warmth and affection. Relationships are taking precedence over ego.
  • My Nanaji (maternal Grandfather)is 95 year old and stays alone after my Naniji’s demise. Old age makes you rigid and stubborn too. He gets restless if he is not at his home for more than an hour and refused to refused to stay with my parents, even for a few days. So, my Mom was going every day with his food since his cook has not been coming because of lock-down. A lady in his neighbourhood noticed this and spoke to my mother. Since then, she has been sending him one meal (she actually volunteered for both meals) so that my Mom could go just once. We are highly indebted to her. This made our belief firm that humanity is still alive.
  • We (myself in particular) really don’t need so many clothes in our closet. We are just managing with few set of clothes. Though for the last couple of months itself I had consciously stopped impulsive buying, I surely am going to be more sensitive in the future. Mindful consumption is the key.
  • Families are moving to the new paradigm where people are getting more time with family, learning new things, reinventing old passions, spending more time with kids, going back to board games, enjoying food as all eat together on table, watching reruns of old DD National programs (Ramayan is the current favourite with my kids) .

It’s been 21 days since lock-down and this thought crossed my mind few days back….kids have been most supportive, patient, acting beyond their age and intellect (actually beyond my imagination). They have not stepped out for almost a month now. Not only do they help by doing age appropriate tasks, but also till date we have not heard any negative thoughts or expression of anxiety from them. Something we adults need to learn from kids. My elder one, 11 year old, is fully conversant with the situation. In fact, he reads the e-paper in the morning and is up to speed with the global situation.

Waiting and patience are both virtues which nature has compelled us to practice now. Being restless will only make us miserable and frustrated. May be this entire Corona episode was a much needed pause for the humanity to stop running, to stop chasing. And to think of it what were we running away from and what were we chasing?  Sometimes I feel sorry about this entire situation…. what are we leaving for the next generation ? Hope some lessons are learnt soon…Maana Dilli abhi thodi door hai but we hope to be there soon !!!

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