Kids and resilience in today’s times

It was during the virtual PTM for my elder son few days back that her teacher asked if I was keeping a track of his notes being up to date in the notebook, if he is following the schedule and the tutorial videos have been seen and revised at his end for better understanding ofContinue reading “Kids and resilience in today’s times”

The Year That Was…

Life is not obliged to turn the way we plan, and this year has surely proved it. For almost everyone the way we have been living our lives has changed this year. While reflecting on the year gone by is what most people normally do during the last few days or last month of theContinue reading “The Year That Was…”

कुछ दिनों से…

पक्षी तो पहले भी चहचहाते होंगे या शायद चीख कर कुछ कहते भी हों  हमनें कुछ ही दिनों से सुनना शुरू किया है हाँ, कुछ दिनों से आसमान नीला सा ज़रूर दिखने लगा है  कुछ दिनों से रूठों को मनाने का मन करता है और जो रिश्ते  पास हैं उन्हें संजो कर रखने का मनContinue reading “कुछ दिनों से…”

Preparing kids for a digital world

Technology has changed every aspect of our life and become an integral part of it. If you see the current pandemic environment, technology has helped all of us connect with each other and conduct our business remotely. The digital wave is here to stay, and a basic understanding of software and coding is the needContinue reading “Preparing kids for a digital world”

Different yet beautiful Diwali…

एक दिवाली  ऐसी  भी चलो  इस  बार  मनाएं भीड़  से  दूर  पर  खुद  के  पास होने  का  अनुभव  कर  पाएं एक दिवाली  ऐसी  भी चलो  इस  बार  मनाएं अपने लिए बस थोड़ा सा कम किसी ज़रूरतमंद के लिए थोड़ा सा कुछ खरीद पाएं एक दिवाली  ऐसी  भी चलो  इस  बार  मनाएं बाहर  की सफाई के Continue reading “Different yet beautiful Diwali…”

Book Review: “Raising Kids with Hope and Wonder in Times of a Pandemic and Climate Change”

I chose to read this book because of the importance it lays on raising resilient kids, especially in the extraordinary times we all are in. The book is written by famous author and columnist Ms. Kiran Manral and starts with a rather angsty conversation between her and sixteen-year-old son. “Are we all going to die?”Continue reading “Book Review: “Raising Kids with Hope and Wonder in Times of a Pandemic and Climate Change””