Stop Complaining To Start Living… !!!

“The more we complain the more unhappy we get.”

                                                                                        Dennis Prager

Ever imagined how different would our lives be if we stopped complaining.

Complaining is the expression of dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. It can be for a valid reason or simply out of habit.

Complaining out of habit can be harmful to us as it involves constant ranting about how unfair life has been to us. A person complaining out of habit thinks everyone around takes an undue advantage of them and can always blame someone or something for their situation. Habitual complaining can have a negative impact on our lives. It is not good for our physical and mental health.

A person used to habitual complaining tries to gain sympathy by always talking about how bad the world is. It can become a self-defense tool for him as we humans always find it difficult to admit our own faults.

We all know old habits die hard but with persistence and by following some simple techniques we can try to stop complaining and start living a meaningful life :

  • Having Gratitude-If we inculcate the simple habit of being thankful for the smallest things in our life we surely will have improved health, relationship and emotions. Keeping a simple gratitude journal does wonders for us. We realise how grateful we should be for things once we start writing them down. In the process, we will automatically stop complaining over time.
  • Surround Yourself Wisely– Who you spend time with the most is who you will become. Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher. Friends and peer group are a great reflection of us-so we must choose them wisely. If you want to complain less surround yourself with positive people as they help you see the goodness all around.
  • Acceptance– People and situations go hand in hand, people are responsible for creating situations. Accepting people and situations they are in helps us to complain less. When we accept someone who is different from us, we offer them their space and comfort. This creates a favorable situation for us as well as we no longer feel like complaining about the person in the process.
  • Focus on the Solution-If you are not part of the solution you are the problem. When we complain our focus and attention is on the problem. Instead, if our focus and energy is on the solution, we  will not have any time to complaint.
  • Exercise- Being active has many benefits both mentally and physically. Exercise increases the production of endorphins which helps produce positive feelings and reduce perception of pain thus making us complaint less.
  • Being Mindful-This in simple words means being aware of/in touch with our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindfulness can help relieve stress and increase our awareness and focus. When we are mindful things which would have otherwise made us complaint, don’t bother us much.
  • Be Happy- Being happy gives us a sense of joy, well-being, contentment and gratitude. Also when we are happy our focus shifts from negative to positive things in life hence reducing our tendency to complain.

So let’s try to live the beautiful gift of life, that God has given us, to the fullest ….. !!!

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