My Son’s First International Trip without Passport…!!!

It was in the year 2008, I had conceived for the first time and was happy to see the two solid lines on the pregnancy test done at home. The happiness and excitement that me and my husband felt was beyond words. We had been planning a trip to Paris and I was keen to take my to-be-born child to his first International trip without passport 😊

Thankfully, by the grace of God my health was fine, and my Gynecologist gave her nod to travel during the second trimester after doing the necessary tests and giving the do’s and don’ts for the trip. Unlike our earlier travels when the shopping before a trip could comprise of clothes, we also did purchase a rice cooker, ready to eat curries etc. to ensure I was able to get my healthy dose of vegetarian food in a foreign land. My parents and in laws were in Delhi that time and sent some home-made delicacies by courier too 😊

Our trip started on a bright note as we reached our Hotel in the balmy autumn evening. Interestingly the hotel was in the heart of the city where most of the popular monuments and visitor spots were all within walking distance. The evening was more of soaking in the city, walk around, check out the sights & sounds while being on our own feet.

The next day we took a “Paris á la carte” pass which gave an option to move around the city at your own pace by bus and boat. Since we wanted to keep the trip relaxed and do things at our own pace, we covered few sights before checking out the cruise on Seine River in the evening from Notre Dame to Eiffel. When you are at the top of Eifel, or for that matter at a height anywhere, it gives a feeling that the smaller things do not matter in life. It is life itself that matters. The feeling of parenthood suddenly stuck us at that time, and we were looking forward to welcoming the new member in our arms.

The next morning, we reached Louvre early and spend full 3 hours in exploring all the galleries and checking out classical paintings, sculptures & artifacts. The tour of course would have been incomplete without a glimpse of mysterious smile of Mona Lisa. This made us think that our kid will also have his own mysterious ways of making us love him/her.

The last day was completely dedicated to “Parc Disneyland”. The theme was “Halloween” and the shows were around this. Highlight of this place, besides the wonderful rides and the magical Disney characters, is the “Disney’s once Upon a Dream Parade”. That day I lived those magical moments feeling the little flutters of my child, his way of sharing the excitement with his parents to be.  I was looking forward to this dream becoming a reality soon.

I must say this was one of the most wonderful trips that we had and the memories of it will always have a special place in our heart.

Now when we talk to our elder son about his first International trip without passport, he chuckles… !

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