Preparing kids for a digital world

Technology has changed every aspect of our life and become an integral part of it. If you see the current pandemic environment, technology has helped all of us connect with each other and conduct our business remotely. The digital wave is here to stay, and a basic understanding of software and coding is the need of the day specially for the kids. Hence, there is a need to expose a child’s brain to both logical and creative sides through age appropriate interventions.

I was talking to my friend the other day. During the discussion, we spoke about how to keep the kids engaged productively during the current pandemic as they are completely home-bound. She told me about her son attending the Coding classes from Vedantu. She seemed to be happy and satisfied as her son was thoroughly enjoying the classes. This encouraged me to enroll my kid for a trial class as I really wanted to give him an opportunity to explore and experience the world of coding.

While browsing Vedantu’s website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no fixed schedule even for the trial class, and I could schedule it as per my convenience. After booking my slot, I got the details to login via SMS. I even got a reminder call to ensure our availability.

The class was a one-on-one basis to ensure personalized and undivided attention. Before starting the session, the teacher spoke to me and introduced herself. The teaching was entirely activity based and simplified. After each concept was explained, my kid was asked to do an activity to ensure he understood the concept well. I realised Vedantu’s emphasis is on project-based learning during the first session itself. The teacher was very experienced and friendly with my kid and really made him at ease. The pace of the session was perfectly aligned to my kid’s age. The teacher was also able to resolve my kid’s doubts instantly. He was fully engaged throughout the session and did not want it to end. After the class, the teacher even had a closing chat with me to know if I had any questions.

Creating something on your own always gives you a sense of pride and immense satisfaction. By the end of just the first class, my son was able to create a mobile application on his own. He was thrilled with the outcome and wanted to enroll at the earliest.

Kids learn better and faster when they are young. I am sure learning through this avenue will help prepare my kid for an ever-evolving digital future where technology will impact them immensely in both personal and professional life. When children learn to code, and that too in a playful manner, they develop an ability to be logical and creative at the same time. 

To top it all, the best part about these online classes is that the teaching is easily accessible at the comfort of our home.

So, Mommies, do let your kids experience the class and continue the journey of learning. They will surely come back wanting for more. The classes will enable them to dive deeper and learn while having fun. 

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